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triangle global health 2018 annual conference

Plenary PAnels


Embedding social
9:30 -10:30 am
Embedding social innovation: expanding and adapting community empowerment models to drive gender equality

This panel will share innovations from four different contexts where social change is embedded in communities and the community empowerment, governance, accountability and capacity building dynamics of these social innovations result in better health outcomes for women and children.

Idea to impact


3:10 - 4:10 pm
Panel: From idea to impact to scale:  Lessons learned in accelerating global health innovation

Given the complexities of payment, policy, and care delivery ecosystems in Low and Middle Income countries it should come as no surprise that change agents in these regions are developing innovations with the potential to transform health systems not only in their own communities but in countries of all sizes around the world. Fostering breakthroughs in healthcare delivery models, affordable technologies, insurance, and more, these organizations clearly possess the technical expertise necessary for success. However, transitioning these ideas to scale often requires critical external support to help create sustainable business models and secure the financing necessary to expand their impact. Panelists will discuss: best practices each organization has learned in accelerating and scaling global health innovation; the unique contributions each organization is making to global health; dynamic innovations in healthcare delivery, technology, and logistics; and more.

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