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Economic impact report

The Triangle Global Health Consortium thanks our sponsors and supporters who helped to produce:


The Global Health Sector's Contributions to the Economy of North Carolina


This report highlights North Carolina's leadership in global health as well as the importance of the global health sector to the state's economy.



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Report Highlights:

  • North Carolina is a leader in global health, housing more than 220 organizations, companies, and academic institutions that work in more than 185 countries to improve the health of people around the world.

  • Global health work supports over 26,000 jobs in North Carolina which pay over $1.6 billion in annual wages, salaries, and benefits, an average of about $62,000 per job.

  • In 2015, global health work in North Carolina contributed about $3.7 billion in gross state product, roughly $370 per person.

  • $1.2 billion in health research funding is attracted to the state annually, coming from external sources such as federal agencies.

  • In 2015, global health economic activity generated a total of $615 million in tax revenue ($182 million in state and local tax revenue, $433 million in federal tax revenue).

  • Global health work in North Carolina builds healthier communities, expands democracy, creates new trade partners, and generates good will.

  • Collectively, NC organizations positively impact millions of lives around the world contributing to declines in mortality, extreme poverty, and disease.

Thank you to the following sponsors

who made this report possible:

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