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north Carolina's global influence

North Carolina is responsible for a vast portfolio of global health work that not only transcends national borders but crosses traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries in an unparalleled environment of collaboration and innovation.  

Over 220 organizations, companies and academic institutions working in 185 countries to improve global health 

Economic Impact

In addition to improving the health of people in countries all around the world, the global health sector contributes significantly to the economy in North Carolina.

  • North Carolina's global health sector supports more than 26,000 jobs each year.

  • Over $1.6 billion in wages, salaries, and benefits are supported through the global health sector in North Carolina annually, an average of about $62,000 per job.

  • The impact of global health on the state's economy has been estimated to be $3.7 billion annually. This statewide value is roughly $370 per person and is comparable to other important North Carolina sectors such as arts/entertainment/recreation and farming.

North Carolina institutions are known for their role in discovering, developing, and promoting innovation in global health.  Their work spans multiple sectors and disciplines.

As of 2016, there were a total of 235 organizations working in global health in North Carolina - 136 for-profit companies, 84 non-profit organizations, and 15 academic institutions. Of the 136 for-profits, there were 38 biotech companies, 40 corporate entities, 14 contract research organizations, and 44 pharmaceutical companies.

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