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the triangle global health consortium

Serving our members

We help organizations and individuals discover and create the connections they would have otherwise not established. The Consortium is the source for:

Partnering for growing business. Through our technical sharing and networking events, we aid organizations in forging alliances for global health innovation to win new projects or bring in new revenue through global initiatives.

Access to specialists. Through our knowledge-sharing offerings, forums, and networking events, we help connect people who have specialized expertise to organizations, individuals, and projects with corresponding needs. 


​Access to new talent. By connecting our organizations and their staff and students, we put the Triangle’s exceptional talent to use regionally and globally. We also help prepare the next generation of global health leaders.​


Access to global health best practice. Through our knowledge sharing and technical events, we help the global health community identify and share best practices and demonstrate how best practices can unite traditionally unilateral sectors. 


Economic growth for the Triangle and North Carolina. In promoting the Triangle and N.C. as an epicenter of global health worldwide, we help attract new talent, investment, and organizations to the region.


Consolidated voice for advocacy. By combining our members’ voices into one common voice for global health, we convey more power, clout, and credibility with other businesses, governments, and communities regionally and worldwide.

Membership Benefits

We help organizations and individuals discover and create the connections they would have otherwise not established. The Consortium is a catalyst for:

Convening diverse institutions, disciplines, sectors, and priorities toward a common interest in global health. We create interactions, professional exchange, and new partnerships that would have otherwise not occurred.

Convergence of many vertical stakeholders and resources to address the increasingly interconnected areas of global health. This convergence identifies unmet needs, creates synergy, and further engages new combinations of stakeholders to address these needs.

Collaboration among individuals and diverse groups, working together to create increased understanding, enhanced approaches, unique ideas, and new opportunities.

Testimonials from our Members

"I love being a member of The Triangle Global Health Consortium because it serves as a connector of people and organizations in North Carolina dedicated to global health. The Triangle is a much richer place because of TGHC."

- Timothy Mastro, MD, FACP, DTM&H | Director, Global Health, Population & Nutrition, FHI 360

"You are doing incredible work, are an invaluable asset in the Triangle, and I personally benefit every year from your work."

- Annual conference attendee

"The networking with like minded professionals from globally focused businesses, nonprofits, and academic organizations provides enormous potential for innovative health investments and strategies that can change North Carolina and the world!" 

- Leah M. Devlin, DDS, MPH  | Professor of the Practice, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

"TGHC provides a crucial forum for local partners to connect -- as well as those from other locales. It's nice to take advantage of resources in the Triangle."

- Consortium member

Annual Membership Dues - Organizations

TGHC_Org Membership_Feb2019.png

Annual Membership Dues - Individuals

TGHC_University Membership_Feb2019 .png

Are you a student or staff member at one of our member organizations? If so, your membership in the Triangle Global Health Consortium is covered by your institution’s membership. Please indicate that you are an "affiliated" student or professional on your membership application, and you will not be charged a membership fee.

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