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Global health and

North Carolina Economy

Help spread the word that global health is crucial to the North Carolina economy!

Suggested twitter posts are below as well as graphics that can be used on any social media platform.


Thank you for sharing this important message!

The data in these messages are from our report "The Global Health Sector's Contributions to the Economy of North Carolina". Read the report here.

Example twitter posts:

  • New @TriangleGH report demonstrates #globalhealth crucial to #NCeconomy! 26,000+ jobs, $182M in state tax revenue

  • Global health work in NC incl drug dev, nutrition, clinical trials, medical tech & more. Funding #globalhealth funds #NCeconomy!

  • .@Triangle GH report: In NC, 220+ orgs work to improve health in 185 countries! #Globalhealth supports #NCeconomy!

  • Global health sector incr NC’s economy by $3.7 BILLION! #Globalhealth is crucial to #NCeconomy! @TriangleGH report:

  • Global health work in NC=26,000+ jobs, $62,000 in wages/salaries/benefits per job. #Globalhealth work=essential to #NCeconomy! @TriangleGH


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who made this report possible:

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