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Apply to join a Global health mentorship cohort

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Triangle Global Health Mentorship Program 


Mentorship cohorts will consist of 1 mentor and 2 to 4 mentees.  Cohorts will meet at least once a month, on a Friday around lunchtime, for at least one hour, from January through April/May 2020.  Cohorts will discuss mentee challenges, necessary skills for global health, opportunities for further development, and other topics as identified by the cohort.


The mentorship program is open to students and young professionals at Triangle Global Health Consortium member institutions and organizations only. Please find a full list of our member organizations here.

Selection Process

Mentees will apply to the program and provide their resume as well as other relevant information about themselves (for example: areas of interest, school or organization, and what they would like to get out of the program). Mentors will select their mentees from a pre-matched group based on geographic proximity and key interest areas in global health.

​*Please note: Due to high interest in the mentorship program, we regret that we may not be able to match each mentee applicant with a mentorship cohort.*


Once formed, the mentorship cohorts will meet at least once monthly from January-April/May 2020. Meeting remotely via Skype/Google hangout/etc. can be used at the discretion of each cohort.

Content of meetings

Mentors will be provided with training and tools for facilitating and mentoring their small group. The overall content of the monthly group meetings will be at the discretion of the mentor in collaboration with their mentees.

The Triangle Global Health Mentorship Program is funded by a grant from:

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