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triangle global health annual conference

October 16, 2019

SUBMIT A Challenge Question ABSTRACT


The submission deadline for challenge question abstracts has been extended to August 23 at 5pm ET.

Challenge Question (5 minutes, 3 slides) - Selected presenters will have five minutes to present a maximum of three slides sharing their answer to the challenge question below. The session will include discussion among all presenters and the audience.


Question: What is the most important action we can take to ensure the success of a One Health approach to global health?


Answer: Your One Health talk!


One Health is a broad concept with many aspects. We’d like to hear what you think matters most about it—and more importantly—your suggestion for how to make it work for global health. Submit a brief abstract with your answer. We’ll choose the most thought-provoking, exciting, and innovative ideas. Then we’ll give you the stage to share yours with all our conference attendees. Think big, think specific, think creative, think health!

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