triangle global health Virtual annual conference

December 3, 2020



The submission deadline for panel abstracts is Friday, October 9, 2020, at 5:00 pm ET.

Panel Discussion (60 minutes):  A panel discussion consists of up to a maximum of 3 speakers and a moderator.  Each panelist will have time for approximately 10 minutes of presentation, allowing for at least 30 minutes of discussion amongst the panelists and the conference attendees.  Proposed panel discussion topics should connect to the conference theme.  Some panel sessions will be pre-recorded and some presented live during event, but all panels will have an opportunity to take questions and engage with conference attendees. 

Panelists should reflect diversity of organizations and viewpoints, and all panelists need to be identified at the time of submission, including names, email addresses, and short bios.  Preference will be given to panels that incorporate representatives from multiple sectors and/or multiple disciplines or cross-cutting themes.

**We are only accepting abstracts for fully formed Panel Discussions and will not review submissions for individual presentations.**